Tradition in prefection. Respect, foster and value nature. Harvest, process and value its products. This is passionate agriculture.

In order to produce the best dairy products, we use nature’s most delicious treasures.

Nature in its purest and most pristine form. We have 15 Pinzgauer dairy cows. We raised them with milk when they were calves, then we let them grow big and strong by feeding them with natural food rich in herbs. They only drink fresh spring water from the mountains and are treated with homeopathic measures, should they ever get sick. We also regularly smoke out their stables with herbs. We take care of them every single day. This way we get the best hay-milk from them, that we process into our fresh dairy products every day. Delicious and uncomparable.

You need enthusiasm to make cheese.

Grandma Anna already had this enthusiasm way back in the day. She kept working on her dairy creations with loads of patience and joy, and carefully documented all of her production steps. That is how we came to have the recipes for the delicious products we offer today: our intensely flavoured cheeses, our delicate natural yogurt, our mild farmer’s butter and our little whey candies.

Step by step guide to making Alpine cheese...

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Hochgruber Mountain cheese

MATURATION: ca. 8 months
WEIGHT: ca. 9 kg

Flavourful pressed alpine cheese made from partially skimmed hay-milk. Parmesan-like.


MATURATION: ca. 4 weeks
WEIGHT: ca. 240 g

Flavourful and creamy soft cheese with roasted walnuts. Natural fat content refined with nut liquor.


MATURATION: ca. 5 months
WEIGHT: 4,5 up to 5 kg

Flavourful creamy alpine cheese made from partially skimmed hay-milk.


MATURATION: ca. 8 weeks
WEIGHT: ca. 600 g

Flavourful cheese made from partially skimmed hay-milk. Slowfood


MATURATION: ca. 6 weeks
WEIGHT: ca. 300 g

Flavourful cheese made with rosemary and partially skimmed hay-milk.


MATURATION: ca. 6 weeks
WEIGHT: ca. 350 g

Creamy and flavoursome soft cheese with parsley, dill, celery and basil. Natural fat content


MATURATION: ca. 6 weeks
WEIGHT: ca. 230 g

Mild flavoured soft cheese with natural fat content

Butter and Yogurt

Mild farmer’s butter made from raw cream, filled into different moulds with various designeamy natural yogurt